Canopy TENT Rental

The men of CUMC serve our community with Canopy Tents to rent for graduation parties, family reunions, group and company picnics, special events, and more.   Rent a tent for your next event below.


Canopy Tent Rental Rates :  As of 2018

Rate Changes effective Jan. 1, 2018 – 1st increase since 2007

Location                              20′ X 30′                                20′ X 40′

            S. Elgin and Elgin                            $160                                         $180

                 (Below are approximated miles and will be quoted by city at invoicing.)

             + 9 miles                                      $170                                          $190

            + 15 miles                                     $180                                          $200

            + 20 miles                                     $190                                          $210

            * Additional Rental Days                 $75/day                                    $85/day

Rates vary based on “approximate distance and drive time” from our church with additional discounts to repeat renters.

(Rates subject to increase, last change: 2018)


Tents for Rent – 20X40 shown, 20X30 also available.

All proceeds are used to support the ministries of CUMC in the community.
Some examples are children’s programs, Thanksgiving food baskets, 2 missionary workers
from a new internet church, a guest worship leader, and a new heater for our community gym.